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  • The player’s highest percentage win over 20 consecutive spins/rounds will determine their position on the leader board.
  • Minimum qualifying stake per spin is €0.25. Wagers lower than €0.25 will not count towards the leader board ranking.
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Just like John, Paul, George and Ringo or as they were better known – The Beatles; Björn and Johan are back in the USSR and we know how lucky they are!


Björn and Johan’s weekend in Moscow was all about taking in the sights, sounds and culture of Russia’s capital city. Filled with scenes straight from the movies and landmarks mentioned in famous songs.

The weather during the whole trip had been amazing and the weekend had been no different.

When I used to picture Russia I always imagined a cold and harsh place full of snow but couldn’t be more wrong, I actually picked up a tan from visiting all the sights around the city!


Russia has an amazing history and both Björn and Johan wanted to squeeze in as much sightseeing as they could starting with Saint Basil’s Cathedral at the southern end of the red square. This icon of Russia is a crazy confusion of colours, patterns and shapes and actually hides 9 main chapels… myth has it that the architects were all blinded so that they could never build anything comparable again… but that’s just a myth… we think?

It was then just a short walk across the red square to Lenin’s Tomb, the last resting place of Vladimir Lenin. Björn and Johan had seen plenty of statues dedicated to Russia’s Revolutionary leader but Lenin’s body had been embalmed and put on display ever since he died back in 1924.

Lenin didn’t say much but I must say that his sarcophagus was amazing!

You may or may not have noticed that both Björn and Johan are fans of rock music and in the words of the Scorpions famous song – Winds of Change – Björn and Johan followed “the Moskva down to Gorky Park” where they relaxed into the evening with a pizza and some beers, after all, there’s only so much beet soup a man can take!

On Sunday, the boys visited the Memorialnyy Muzey Kosmonavtiki or as they say in English, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

It was a pretty nerdy place but the perfect conclusion to this amazing trip.

Located in the base of a giant monument dedicated to the “Conquerors of Space”, the building was erected in memory of Yuri Gagarin’s achievement of being the first human to orbit the Earth. Filled with 85,000 items from space including taxidermy space dogs, Björn and Johan spent the day getting up close and personal with the exhibits; just think Björn, only a few days ago you yourself traveled to the edge of space.


Tomorrow marks the end of Björn’s fantastic voyage. From a Dream idea to an entertaining campaign and picking Björn as our Grand Prize Winner, we’re proud you’re part of the Green team Björn!

I have experienced so much over these few days so it will actually be nice to come home to Sweden and let everything sink in… and of course brag about my flight to the edge of space!

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Wow, yesterday’s edge of space experience is still rushing through my mind, it was so incredible and definitely goes down as one of the greatest experiences of my life!

Edge of Space flight winner and friend

Today Björn and Johan have decided to have a relaxing day off and taken this as a final chance to see the sites in town before their next stop in Russia’s capital – Moscow. The G-Force Björn experienced on his body had actually left him tired and exhausted, much like a super intensive workout leaves you the following day.Architecture in Nizhny Novgorod

I’m shocked at how tired and drained I feel, it’s given me a whole new level of respect for pilots… they’re like superhuman! 

Their guide Irena collected Björn and Johan after breakfast for a nice and easy final tour, which of course included more statues of Lenin, the history of the town and some orthodox Christian churches that Björn really enjoyed. We then left Björn and Johan to enjoy the evening with drinks, good music and tasty food! Tomorrow, the boys say goodbye to Nizhny and take in the sights of Moscow!

Church in Nizhny Novgorod

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Tell me you’ve never wanted to be Maverick in Top Gun? Ah, I can hear the music playing now – Take my breath awayyyyyyyyy!

Today was the day of the flight; just Björn, a MIG 29: Fulcrum, an experienced Russian fighter pilot and a 70,000 foot drop!

Irena was Björn and Johan’s guide and translator for the day, an early pick up and they were off to Sokol military base for flight prep. Interesting fact, Sokol military base has been constructing fighter jets since the 20’s and at one point during WWII (World War 2), it was churning out one (1) jet every hour!

Medical CheckMaverick and Gooseman - Eat your hearts out!

After a thorough medical exam, Björn met up with his pilot for a pre-flight briefing which lasted an hour. It was then time to gear up which included a fitting for a special high-altitude pressure suit and climbing into the cockpit of the jet that would very shortly be traveling at Mach 2+, that’s over 1500 mph!

MiG 29 Engines

I was so nervous but the instructor was cool and serious, it was like being part of a military mission and we were about to go into combat, but as soon as we took off my nervousness just disappeared… just like the ground!

And away we go!

Afterburners ignited, Björn’s trip to the Edge of Space began. The MIG hit supersonic speeds in a matter of moments and was 17km above the Earth in a matter of seconds.

I could see the curvature of the Earth, entire continents in the distance and just to my right, the darkness of outer space… absolutely mind-blowing and incredibly beautiful.

Then the crazy part started!

On the way back down the MIG did loops, barrel rolls and high speeds turns at full speed, the pilot gave Björn a once in a lifetime experience… we’re also sure that he was trying to make Björn black out from the g-force.

It was so amazing I just forgot how high we were and how fast we were going, at the edge of space everything just slows down but as soon as we started descending, speed was the least of my problems. I’ve seen air shows before but to actually sit in the plane and feel the g-force on my body as the plane twists and turns through the stunts… it’s like being run over by a car and I think I passed out at one point!

Actually you did pass out Björn and we got it all on video for everyone to watch very soon.

Mission CompleteWhen the jet touched down, Björn looked a little worse for wear but a beaming smile made it clear that a lifelong Dream had come true and we had one happy Swede. It was then time to head back to the hotel for a little R&R.

Tomorrow, Björn gets a nice relaxing guided tour of the city (a nice slow tour of the city) taking in all the cultural sites before heading to the Russian capital – Moscow!



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